Estimate number of sticky easel sheets per class

I’m teaching CSD without having attended TeacherCon. (Well, I’ve been to CSP TeacherCon twice, but not for CSD.)

Can someone comment generally about how many large sticky sheets might be used during each of the CSD units? Of course, the depends wholly on teacher decisions. However, rough ballpark ranges would be helpful. I want to order an appropriate amount from my district office.


I think three big pads will do - but a lot of people gave different solutions (because those large post-its can be expensive). Some used a bulletin board to create space for students to work, others (including myself) use Google Draw for students to create and if you run out of the large post-its, can always run to get packing paper from Lowes/Home Depot as a substitute.


Great idea, thank you!

For anyone else:

  • Only $10 for 120 sheets at Lowe’s, 2’ x 2.5’
  • Only $34 for 500 sheets at Home Depot, also 2’ x 2.5’

Couple these with painter’s tape and you’re set!


Does anyone else out there need/want students listed in alphabetical order? I can copy and paste progress into a google sheets form but seems unnecessary.

I ended up using something like this so it’s hard to keep track of how many sheets I use. The rolls lasts me a couple of years.

@reginald.clark you should just be able to click on “Name” to sort students alphabetically when looking at your section. Let us know if that’s not working.

Just tried clicking on “Name”
it worked for me!