Reference Sheet for CSD U3

Does anyone have a reference sheet they have created for CSD Unit 3 (Interactive Animations & Games)? I am looking to provide it for some of my special ed students as an additional resource. Thanks in advance!

Unit 3 has a Reference Sheet listed under Teacher Resources. It’s clickable so it may be a challenge to print it out, but it should have all the information you need. I also took screenshots some time ago of the different drawers in the Game Lab toolbox and turned them into posters in my room. It was a helpful resource. I would often put little stickers next to the most commonly used codes in the sections they were working on. It helped provide a sense of direction. Here is the link to the reference sheet.

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In addition to what @edavis shared, there is also a vocabulary reference for unit 3. You can find that here

It would probably be pretty easy to convert it to a pdf or other document using copy and paste.