'Etch' functionality


It would be helpful to add that the etching feature really only works if you’re moving your cursor slowly (i.e. your dots are close together). I was moving my cursor very quickly and the result was not aesthetically pleasing, nor did it look at all like an etching. Wouldn’t want that to confuse a student as to why their code wasn’t doing what is shown in the animation.


@jgeraci11 - that is a great point! It does look a little goofy if you are moving quickly. I will forward it to the curriculum team!

Nice idea!



Interesting - I hadn’t noticed that.

At the same time, it sounds like a great learning opportunity for our students to think about why it behaves that way. Many tools (and things like Photoshop filters) seem to behave strangely or give an unwanted result based on the algorithm or code implementation, so I feel the phenomena you pointed out is very relevant.

Kind of like how the face-swapping apps don’t always work, or how sometimes manual panorama pictures yield hilarious results. :grinning: