Default Speed Setting? Grading at full speed


As a teacher, I would like to grade my student programs by running them at FULL “rabbit” SPEED. When I toggle from student to student I currently have to CLICK near the rabbit for each student.

Is there a setting which allows the teacher to see all of his/her student’s programs at a desired speed setting?



You could make it a requirement that students include speed(100) at the top of their programs before they submit. Make it worth points.


Thanks. I was considering that extra line of code but in the first few lessons-bubbles within Unit 3, but many of the commands are not accessible. I know they can switch to and type in the command but the environment won’t recognize speed(100); in the early lessons.



Here’s a screen shot with the error when typing speed(100);


@jkeays At this point, the default speed is turtle. Its a great suggestion to set your default desired speed to view programs in App Lab.


I would love this option as well!


@jkeays bah…I forgot that on these early turtle levels we set it so that you can only use commands that are in the toolbox. (we do this to enforce the creative constraints imposed by e.g. not having turnRight() available).

I’ll log this as an issue. Not sure there’s an immediate fix though.


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Hope all is well with you!

Thanks for your help


Yikes! Glad you’re safe!