Ability to disable the turtle speed slider in code.org, AppLab

Hello everyone, I’m expecting a “toggle” which enables or disables the turtle speed slider for everyone that is not the owner of the app. Why? Well, this slider may break some games and they might not be intended to run at those speeds. They could also be using this feature to get better at the game, for example, in a game in which golden coins stay for 5 seconds, if you click the “how it works” option you are able to change the speed even if you are not the owner. Currently, there’s a hacky way to prevent changes to the speed value, and it’s by using a loop that sets the speed. This, however, is bad practice and shouldn’t have to be done.

Finally, developers don’t have the ability to check inside the code the current turtle’s speed, to prevent any of these things.

App Lab - Code.org well if you want to make it nicer you do you this is just a proof of concept that gets everything to stop working except the app in view mode all the best on your journey

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It still doesn’t disable the turtle function and it does let me run it. I noticed right now that the debug buttons (step in, step out…) should also be able to be toggled, I don’t want behaviour issues tbh with these functions.

Well it’s not like i can disable it completely, you said you found a base way to set the frame rate at a constant pace by using this method it’ll prevent you from changing anything while the program is running i thought this was the final step you needed from not constantly having to set it did you not?