Event.key issues Up Down Left Right issues

Hey All

I’m trying to verify a applab bug or an issue with my computer. When running and testing this event.key algorithm, it works for ALL KEYS; however, after I press left right up or down, the event handler appears to stop working.

Please open and view console to see the issue.
Please advise event.key

Work Around…it appears that if I CLICK the mouse inside the screen, it will start working again but after I press up down left or right again, the event handler stops working.

Hi! I just tried it on my computer and it seems to work correctly. Maybe something funky with your computer? Here’s some output from my console:
“key is: a”
“key is: b”
“key is: c”
“key is: d”
“key is: e”
“key is: Right”
“key is: Up”
“key is: Left”
“key is: Down”
“key is: f”
“key is: g”
“key is: h”
“key is: Right”
“key is: Shift”
“key is: Up”

Thanks for the help. I will try another computer as well.

I guess I have some sort of setting which is causing this weird issues.

QUESTION: I am using and ACER i5 processor. Can I ask what device you are using? Thanks

I am using an HP Spectre x360 laptop.

Since my laptop also has a pen/stylus, I’m wondering of that is causing the arrows to get shut down after pressing one.

The other keys which trigger the eventlistener from not working is the PageDown, Alt and Tab keys…


My laptop also is touchscreen and has a pen/stylus so I am not sure that is your issue. I am running Windows 11 version 22H2 if that helps.

Thanks so much. Enjoy