Explanation of reason for quotation marks in App Lab

The quotation marks in the parameters of getProperty and setProperty are confusing for me as I only expect them for a string value. Any recommendation for a link with a simple explanation? Thanks!

I don’t have a link, but they are strings because they are the value of the id of the element, not a variable storing anything. The way that get Property works is that it looks through all the elements on the page and finds the one with that particular id (which is a string value) and finds the value of that element.


Thanks. Looking at it again, I think it is the property parameter on the setProperty block with “text” that throws me off because text, or width, or any other property is a type of property and I’m used to strings being “unreadable” by the computer, just used as output in the location specified by the program. Perhaps I’m over thinking this!