Explore PT- 2d Data Storage as a concern

For question 2d, is the storage space of a device a valid data storage concern? OR does it have to be related to a data breach or misuse of data?

If the student is able to convince the reader why space is an issue then it would work. It all depends on how the student is able to explain it. To be on the safe side, I would use privacy or misuse of data since these are easier to explain.

I agree with @bhatnagars on being better off choosing one of the other two options. As a reader during the first year, even I was confused when our table leader explained what counted and what didn’t count (although I’m not sure what changed or what will change by the time this year’s reading rolls around).

I do remember the table leader saying that it’s not enough to simply say the device might have insufficient storage space. He gave an example of what could count…

You have a security camera that records onto a memory card. When the camera eventually fills up the card, it’s programmed to then loop back and overwrite the oldest data first, thus being able to continuously record without someone having to change or erase the memory card. A storage concern with this system is that if someone later realizes they need some older footage, it may have been overwritten and thus can’t be retrieved anymore.

Now to me there doesn’t seem to be a very hard distinction about what makes that a storage concern, and I’m not sure if that’s really a shining example. If that’s helpful to you, then great.

Thus, as I mentioned at first… IMO it’s easier to shoot for the other two requirements.