Explore PT Due Date - Is it due after 8 hours or by April 30?

My students have spent the last two weeks working on their Explore PT, and now I’m a little confused about when students need to submit. The due date to submit to the College Board is April 30. So can I just let my students keep working on it on their own if they want to? They have received their two weeks of class time, but that doesn’t mean they need to submit it now?

I’ve looked around for an answer, but nothing has jumped out. So if this has been answered or is addressed somewhere and I’m missing it, please point me in that direction. Thank you.

I believe it says in the instructions they are provided with a minimum amount of time in class with classroom resources. They can then use additional outside time with outside resources if they have them. I am also of the impression that if you have time you can give them more in class. It is due in April.

Hi @klett,

@jdonwells is correct.

If you’d like some references from the College Board FAQ…