Facilitation Questions for CSF


I just taught my first CSF workshop since the transition from courses 1-4 to A-F. I am noticing a few materials that need to be updated and some features that need to be implemented. Specifically,

  • The Teacher Dashboard videos (by Alice) need to be updated to show the new look of the teacher dashboard. Has this been done? Where are the new ones?
  • Where can teachers find the keys for the student activities and worksheet assessments?
  • It looks like the Pair Programming feature is not enabled right now. It was not available for any of the participants of my workshop (or to me). Is there a new way to enable Pair Programming?
  • Will CSF teachers be able to hide future lessons from their students (like CSD & CSP)?


I teach Course F to my 6th graders and am interested in the answers to his questions.