Feature request - keyboard shortcut for viewing/grading student work

If these features exist, I couldn’t find them. Thanks for you attention!

When viewing student work (e.g. grading one of their ‘makes’ like unit 4 lesson 14) I would appreciate if I could have a keyboard shortcut to:
a. advance forward/backward through students
b. run their program
c. cursor goes to teacher feedback input
d. go to add watcher line

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Those are really helpful features to have. Please write to support@code.org and send them this list!

Cool, I just did
what are the chances they happen, do you think?

Hi @blwalker3,

It’s difficult to say from our vantage point on the forum. The engineering & product teams take all teacher feedback into account and do listen; many changes have already been made based on this feedback!

I’m not sure of the exact process by which they determine new features, but it often comes down to some mix of:

  • Is this fixing something that is actively broken?
  • How long will it take to implement a solution?
  • What portion of the user base is asking for this / would benefit from it?

At this point you’ve done all you can by submitting the feature request. Keep an eye on communications from Code.org to see whether any of them are included in a future rollout!

–Michael K.