Feature Request

Hello, I have been using code. org for a while now and when programming in app lab, sometimes it is really hard to keep organized. Why? Because the only organization tool is comments.

What do I think is the solution? Different scripts. I would love to be able to have multiple tabs with different scripts ex: one for each screen.

Each script should be able to have private variables. With this though, I would also like to have public variables to apply to all scripts. Like something in C# in unity. ex: public var [name] = [value] or replace public with private so it can only be used on that script and use the name as a different private variable in a different script.

I have always wanted something like this so I don’t have to scroll through a really long script or use ctrl + f to find comments. Again, I would like the different scripts like different tabs in a web browser. You should also be able to close tabs of scripts you don’t want to edit right now, and be able to reopen them later.

I hope this isn’t too much to ask for and to be fairly easy to implement. I have already sent an email to support but I thought I’d post it here also.

Thank you for your consideration

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That’s good that you sent it to support as the decision makers aren’t always on the forum, but they do receive those requests and have a list of implementation ideas that they are constantly prioritizing and updating!

Good luck!