Fun ways to review for hybrid class

I skipped Unit (Create PT) and went straight to Unit 9 & 10 from Unit 7 so that we could finish all content before spring break, which is the week after next. This means I have about 7 weeks for the Create PT and AP prep, and I’m kind of at a loss for what to do with all that time. This is my 2nd year teaching CSP, however last year the MC test was canceled, so I did not do any MC prep with my students.

My plan is to spend about 3 days each week working on the Create PT, with 2 days for review. I’m going to use the AP Daily videos, and the Topic questions on AP classroom. But I also want to intersperse in some fun.

So, what fun ways do you use to review for the MC test (besides kahoot)? Ideally ways that work for a hybrid classroom; I am teaching to in person students and online students in the same class period.


Six questions in ten minutes to start every class. Get 6 AP like questions. Then try to beat the 10 minute clock as a class. 6 in 10 is about the pace of the AP Exam.

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Hi @linda.henneberg ,

I might try some general review activities - while allowing flexibility that reviewing for MC exams doesn’t necessarily have to be doing practice MC questions (and in my opinion, should involve more than that).

So any “fun” vocab review activity, for example (such as a light Quiz Quiz Trade - sorry, not hybrid/remote friendly).

In my classroom, my preferred review activity for finals was Jeopardy (this is how I did Jeopardy - sorry, super not remote/hybrid friendly), and instead of practice exam questions, I’d use maybe more conceptual questions (so the pace is faster than a normal MC exam question, while not relying solely on recall like vocab questions).

Sorry, I haven’t been teaching lately so I’m not in the know on hybrid/remote-friendly activities. :confused: