Cheating Solutions

Many of the unit end assessment questions & answers are posted online making it very easy for students to cheat.

Does anyone want to share their possibe solutions.

I am teaching 100% virtually which makes this issue even more challenging.

Thoughts? Please help! Thanks in advance. Peace

There are question banks created by AP readers here…

Search for “RQB”.
I use those and create my own questions instead of using the assessments, which I just use for practice and review.
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@jkeays You can also find resources in the AP classroom. The College Board also gives you access to past exams that you can use the help your students prepare for the exam. Make sure to follow the College Board’s guidelines for use in class.
In my virtual classroom, when I assessed my students with unit 1 and 2 assessments, they had 23 minutes to complete the exam. I would recommend starting and stopping the test at a specific time. That will help to limit their ability to look up all the answers.

Thanks Terence

I am using the relativelly new My AP Classroom and following their rules but even most of their SECURE questions are now posted online. It is very frustrating.

I would love to limit the test to a time but when you have a mix of students with IEP allowing extra time it becomes tough to segregate. In addition, many students who are taking their first AP course are just getting used to the more challenging AP Style MCQ and I prefer to give them extra time to read and absorb the detail.

It’s a “Dilemma.” (Hoping to get a chuckle with a cross reference to our new project names. HA)


Thanks for reading and your suggestions