Test Corrections vs. Retest?

Last year when I taught CSP, I used Edhesive and they had 2 versions of the test, so I used one for a retest if students failed. Since I don’t see any other versions in Code.org, I was thinking about just making a corrections sheet students would fill out during tutorials going through the test with me. Please share if you have a great way to keep the rigor of an AP class but give the students fair opportunity to bring up failing test grades!

I use the AP Classroom question bank to give a practice test and then use the code.org questions as an actual test.

I also use the AP Classroom question bank for a practice test and the code.org questions for the actual test. However, my students seemed to really struggle with the code.org test. They actually did much better on the practice test. Are there any other resources or study guides that could benefit my students? I try to make one for them based on the test questions, but that didn’t seem to benefit them much this time around.

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Hi @kdevries,

It seems that with how new the course is (and with the CED having been majorly updated just a year or two ago), there unfortunately aren’t may more resources that exist.

Some folks had a conversation in this forum thread about it a few months back but I didn’t see anything on here since then. Does anyone have anything they’ve created that they’re willing to share?

–Michael K.
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Sorry, I am not any help for original poster. This is my first year teaching CSP. I have taught CSD the last two years, but moved to high school this year. I am not teaching as an AP course, yet, so I do not have access to the AP Classroom. Would anyone be willing to share an alternate test for Unit 1?