LockDown Browser Check

I read somewhere in CSP 20-21 ‘how to do a LockDown Browser Check’ with students before giving first test. Unfortunately, I can’t find it now. I’m giving my first assessment this week - Unit 1. If anyone can direct me to the steps I should follow, that would be great. I’m teaching in a hybrid environment so half of my class will be in school and half at home.


I’m pretty sure that LockDown Browser is a third party service used by some schools, but not something that is necessarily endorsed or supported by code.org. I generally time the tests and use a very rigid schedule for opening and locking the material in Code Studio. This doesn’t prevent them from googling answers, but it does mean that sections can’t share content with one another and ultimately if they’re taking too much time to google content they won’t have enough time to complete the quiz.

Thank you! I really appreciate you responding so quickly :slight_smile:

AP College Board has given directions to download the lockdown browser. http://media.academicmerit.com/apclassroom/InstallingtheLockDownBrowserforAP%20Classroom.pdf
Madeline Burton how much time you gave to students for Unit 1 Assessment to prevent them from googling the answers.

Hi @skaur,

I’m not @madeline_r_burton, but I might use a couple ways to estimate the amount of time to give students for a test:

  1. Eyeball each question and give an estimate for how long that question takes. For example, a simple read-and-recall question might be 30-45 seconds, but some other questions involve “work”, like converting binary to decimal. You might give 1-2 minutes for those maybe.
  2. You might also take the assessment yourself, walking through each question as a student would, reading every option, etc. Take that time and multiply it by some constant, maybe 1.5x or 2x or even 3x. After a couple iterations, you might get a better idea of how much to multiply by and use that method for future assessments.

Madeline might have more ideas and may chime in later. :slight_smile:


I give about a minute and a half per question, so for a 15 question quiz 22.5 mins total.

This is partially because the CB averages 1.5 mins per question for the exam so I want to mimic that experience, and partially because trying 2 mins/question was too long (lots of students finished early) and 1 was too short!