CSP Assessment Duration Question

In order for students to do test corrections, I click on/save Show Answers, which I thought used to stay that way for 24 hours. However, students have emailed me that they are in the middle of working on them and it locks back on them in less than 4 hours.

Two questions

  1. What is the actual duration you have set for the Show Answers to lock back?
  2. Would it be possible to make this feature ‘settable’ by teachers as appropriate for their classes?

Please advise - thank you!

Does it lock up at the end of the day (11:59 pm)? Did you ask the students what time they were trying to work on it. Please make feature requests to support@code.org so they go into the right hands.

I’ve verified with Code.org that it should lock up 24 hours after it is unlocked. Please write to support@code.org and see if they can figure out what the problem is.