Pre Survey time allotment

The course guide suggest 30 minutes to take the survey the average time in my classes was 5 to 10 minutes


Thanks for the feedback! Thats helpful to know.

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Same with my classes (6,7, & 8)

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Same!! My 3 classes finished in 5 - 10 minutes.

The “locked” button isn’t showing with the Pre Survey?
But my students can’t access it because it is locked?

The survey is locked. What do I do?

Here’s a link to a post with instructions on unlocking the survey. Hopefully that answers your question!

Help with unlocking the Survey

Best wishes!


I’m having trouble with the pre-survey. My students are unable to take the survey because it says that they have already taken it. For each of them, it shows a check mark over the blank circle. I just recently created their accounts. I can find anywhere how to allow them to take the survey.


Hi @hberthiaume,

Welcome to the community! Have you unlocked the survey following the instructions linked above? Once you make your students’ answers “editable” they should be able to take it. If that doesn’t work, please email so they can have a closer look at what’s going on with your account.

Hope that helps,
Michael K.

I tried doing this, had the settings correct but my 1st 2 periods not ALL students could get in to it, then my second 2 periods couldn’t get in at all. Is there another setting with having a lesson hidden or viewable that maybe makes a difference?

When you click on the lock settings, are you able to see the table that allows you to control access by student? For me, when I clicked on allow editing, it unlocked it for all students, after I hit save, but when I first went in, not all of them were enabled (but some were). I would look at that, but you can also e-mail if there is something not working right and they can look into your account.