The pre-course survey

Can someone list out a few ideas or gotchas about getting the pre-course survey unlocked. It worked for me okay, but I know some folks are having difficulties. What do you need to look out for?


I had a class created last week before the locking feature hit.
I can unlock a survey for a student account created last week.
This morning I received a new student, who created an account this morning and the unlocking of the survey was not instantaneous. In fact I can not tell if they are able to take the survey at all unless I sit watching them try to do it.
I created a new student account this morning for me to ascertain how long this will take, Appears less than hour but more than 5 minutes.
Some of these problems I surmise are part of my school site’s network.

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Hello, it is the case that if you have a student join your class section after you’ve already unlocked a survey or assessment, they will be locked by default. You’ll need to re-click the “Lock Settings” button for that survey or assessment, scroll down the Individual Student Control table to that student, and mark it as “Editable”.

Hope that helps!

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OK, I’'m having an issue here with the Course/Pre Survey locking feature.

I go to CSP Unit 1, With the pre survey. When I click on the locking feature, I see my name, but nobody else’s. So I can lock myself, but since I’m a teacher, I really don’t.

I have 3 sections on unit one. A “Test Section”, a section I made by accident and haven’t deleted yet. and a third section where my students are. But I have no idea how to call up the “Unit 1” associated with my class, because I think that is what is preventing them from doing the survey.

What am I missing?

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Hi Rich! I’m guessing that the step that is missing is selecting the right section from the Teacher Panel on the right

This FAQ doc has pictures to describe this:

We are in the midst of adding a section selector right into the lock settings dialog because it’s not obvious to go to the TeacherPanel.

If that doesn’t work, let me know!


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I think I found a fix, but I was wrong.

I wasn’t able to see any student for unlocking until I moved them all to the Top Section in my list of classes.

10 Then when I wanted them to allow editing, I could see them all, click on allow editing…

But from a user interface standpoint… I didn’t see any way to save that setting.

When I close the pop up window, I ask students to try it again.

They can’t get into it.

I go back to edit the settings, and it looks like everyone is still locked. I click “Allow Editing”, and still find no way to save that change, so I click the X to close the pop-up.

Go to 10

Anybody have any ideas how to get out of this loop?

OK, I got the section selector (got around it actually) but it still isn’t changing the locking of the surveys.

Hi Rich, there is a save button in the bottom right of the dialog, but it may be that we didn’t make it work right at all screen resolutions and it’s falling off the bottom of the screen. Can you try zooming out in your browser and see if the button appears?

I’m sorry for all the bumps with this! Thanks for raising the issues you’re seeing.

The other thing to make sure is that after you do click Save, your students will need to refresh their Unit overview page to make the locks go away for them. Hope that helps!

Why are all the results set to either 0 or 4%?

Hi @baker,

I was trying to be super vigilant about having all students complete the pre-survey but I’m at a loss.

I asked students to complete it for homework. About 80% of my class managed to get it done, but I ended up playing “lock/unlock” tag with several students. I would unlock it for them, let them know that I had, but by the time they logged on it was locked again.

Finally this weekend, I designated a time and unlocked it for all students again and sent a mass email saying if a student hadn’t completed it, log in soon and complete it.

NOW students who HAD already completed it before now show up as “in progress.”

What??? This pre-survey is currently the bane of my AP CSP existence (which I guess is a good problem to have, but still…).

Can you help?


So, mea culpa, this is a new problem to me, so we’ll have to work it out together. Here is what I was able to find out:

  • If you did a mass unlock for all students, then yes, no matter who previously completed it, it basically becomes unsubmitted for all.
  • But, locking for all students should also re-submit for all students.
  • The system will auto-lock after 24 hours to prevent cheating.

So if you’re confident at this point that everyone has taken it, then ensuring that it’s locked for everyone should work. If not, we can dig in more…

Does that help?


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I’m trying to unlock the pre-course survey but cannot figure out how. I’ve filled out the Google Form requesting verified teacher access twice. Am I doing something wrong?

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I will pass this on. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

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Thanks! The students really enjoyed U1L1 today. Looking forward to jumping into this curriculum with both feet.


@kjsmith i send you a private message. we’ll get this sorted out!


School started here in northern Maine yesterday! I had unlocked the survey for my entire class yesterday morning and when they got to class in the afternoon, it still remained locked for them but showed unlocked in my teacher view. One student right clicked, selected View Page Source, scrolled down and found that when he clicked the first link in line 369, it was now unlocked. Perhaps that is the same as refreshing the page?? Some of rest of the class was able to access the Source Code and do the same thing but also it refreshed for some of the other students. Just curious if there is an issue with students accessing the source code for assessments?


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I tried it and it worked for me. Not sure what the problem is. I have informed the team of this issue. I will get back to you on this soon.

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Hi - Sorry your class is running into issues with the survey. The surveys auto-lock after 24 hours, which is probably why they were seeing it locked the next day. The survey is always unlocked for teachers so that they can take a look at it from their view.

If you make sure you select the right section from the section dropdown, you should see a lock symbol on the left, which is an indication that the survey is locked for all students. If you don’t see this symbol, that means at least one student has the survey unlocked for them.

To check exactly which students the survey is locked for, you can click on the “Lock settings” button. If the survey is locked for a given student, they might find a way to get to the URL for the survey, but even if they do, they should just see this:

Was one of your students showing up as locked for you but was still able to actually fill out the questions in the survey?


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I had unlocked it less that 24 hours before class and it was showing unlocked for me. That day in class, the students created a account and then try to access the survey. They were clicking on bullet 1 with no result. It did not tell them that it was unavailable. At that point one of my innovative student looked at the source code, scrolled down to line 369, clicked on the first link in that line and the survey unlocked for him. Some of the other students followed his lead to access the survey. Others said they tried bullet one again and it worked. Those student have all been successfully completed the survey.

This incident led me to ponder the reason why I am posting. Since this is the first time I am teaching this course, I am unfamiliar with the end of unit assessments. Is there any reason to be concerned about students accessing the source code when taking the assessments? I understand that they may be encouraged to research the answers if they find the assessment difficult. I am just curious if they would be able to find the correct answers in the source code thereby answering correctly without achieving understanding of the content?

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