Lesson 22 post course survey

This survey is at the end of Unit 2 even though it says post course survey. In any case, I can open and view, but my students cannot. We have only just completed Unit 2.

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The Post-Course Survey is available at the end of each unit since the units are considered interchangeable modules. Any of them could be the last unit for different people. You don’t have to have your students complete it if you don’t want to. There is also a teacher survey at the end of each unit. Here’s the teacher survey for Unit 2 if you’re interested: Code.org

I am having the same problem with the survey.

There is no “Lock Settings” button on my end to unlock it for them.

My students cannot access it either, even though we finished it and I made it viewable. It says “your teacher did not expect you to be here.”

@chsweek and @langilla1,

I’m not sure what is going but I do want to make sure we are talking about the same thing. As @edavis stated - The Post-Course Survey is at the end of each Unit so classes that may be done with Discoveries after that unit can take the survey. (It is a survey and not an assessment). For example Unit 2’s survey is at lesson 22 and Unit 3 is at lesson 28. As @edavis said, there is nothing to unlock. You do need to make sure it is visible (see screenshot below). If kids can’t find it in their navigation, you could click “send to students” (see the button in screenshot below) and then send that link to students OR choose the post in Google Classroom option if you use Google Classroom.

If these tips don’t help, please respond with screenshots of what students see when they click on the link you send them. That might help us figure out how to help further.
Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 11.25.31 AM

Hope this helps!

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Hi, I am referring to your code.org instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/170NdiEBwcLEsLHQqgPy_zdNKFZfO-rS9aCAFCcEYhzY/view

The screenshot says to unlock it. My students cannot view it and I followed all the instructions until the unlock part as I don’t have that option.

We finished our unit already, we even took the test and moved on. They still cannot access it. It is lesson 22. Sharing a link does not work either.

Here is my screen:

@chsweek -
Thanks for the detailed reply - it is helpful. I’m going to do some research and let you know.

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Hi folks -

A quick note: we discovered there was a typo in the links in the instruction doc that may be impacting this. Essentially: clicking the “CS Discoveries Post-Course Survey” links in our instructions was taking you to last year’s course survey rather than this year’s course survey. This was an oversight on our part where we forgot to update this link, but it is fixed now.

This means it’s possible that you were unlocking the survey for our 2021 curriculum, but students were trying to access the survey for the 2022 curriculum, and that’s why there seemed to be an error. But transparently: this doesn’t look like what’s happening in @chsweek 's screenshots, so we’re also looking into this behind-the-scenes.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer


Thank you very much!

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