CSD PreSurvey Question

I am preparing for next school year and was looking at the Discoveries '18-'19 and don’t see a Pre-Survey at the beginning of Unit 1. Maybe I’m just missing it. Anyone see anything on that? The '17-'18 course still shows it as available.

We’re making some updates to the pre-survey so we’ve temporarily removed it. It’ll be back up before the school year starts.

Will there also be a post-survey at the end of the year? I looked but didn’t see one at the end!

Yes, the post survey will be in later this year.

I see the survey, but it is shaded, so my kids cannot take it. What to do I need to do on my end so they can take the survey?

Never mind Josh, I figured it out.

craigt- how did you unlock the survey?

Click on the “lock settings” and then “allow editing” for the students.

It will only unlock for 24 hours.

I do this and it still won’t unlock for this class. It did for my previous classes. ??

It allowed me for some of my classes but not for all.


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Amanda, I was finally able to unlock for all classes, but now some students are showing the survey locked and on my thread or settings is shows it unlocked.Why?


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Did they already finish it?

Amanda Pratt

Advanced 8th Grade Science/Computer Science

Pearland Junior High West/GT Academy

I am trying to assign the presurvey. I went to the lock setting and unlocked it. The survey shows that it is unlocked, but the individual pages show that they are still locked. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve had that happen before, but I had to have students refresh their pages to see it unlocked. A couple of times, students have had to refresh a couple of times for it to show.