Pre-Assessment Survey


Does anyone have a pre-assessment survey for my students to take before they start CS Discoveries?
I would like to use the same document as their post survey to show the growth.




Hi Laura,
I was hoping to do the same thing, did you happen to come up with anything? I am not sure if we can re-administer the pre-survey later or not?

Thanks for any information




2 things;

I’ve been having a problem with 1 student not being unlocked to take the survey. She is listed in that class and the survey for the class is “unlocked” ; however, hers is not. Can anyone help with this problem?

Also, did anyone every respond to giving a PreAssessment/Post Assessment for Unit 1; Problem Solving.

I did put one together if anyone is interested in it.

Eileen Murray


Hi Eileen,

This looks like a bug. Could you hit "Report a bug"from the top right corner menu. Sounds like you have unlocked the survey correctly. Here is a link to a How to unlock (just in case it helps):


This is a link to the pre / post test I used Fall semester and am using the same one this semester. This pre / post semester covers only Units 1 - 3 and I’ve tried to connect it to the CSTA standards. This part of the pre / post is multiple choice and 30 points.

I also give a performance section (10 points). This has been really successful as students aren’t able to do the performance part prior to the class, however, by the end of the class, they can do either of these projects.

This is the rubric I use to grade the performance assessment.

The link below is my ideas, connects and basic brainstorming I created prior to writing the assessments.