Pre-Assessment Survey


Does anyone have a pre-assessment survey for my students to take before they start CS Discoveries?
I would like to use the same document as their post survey to show the growth.




Hi Laura,
I was hoping to do the same thing, did you happen to come up with anything? I am not sure if we can re-administer the pre-survey later or not?

Thanks for any information




2 things;

I’ve been having a problem with 1 student not being unlocked to take the survey. She is listed in that class and the survey for the class is “unlocked” ; however, hers is not. Can anyone help with this problem?

Also, did anyone every respond to giving a PreAssessment/Post Assessment for Unit 1; Problem Solving.

I did put one together if anyone is interested in it.

Eileen Murray


Hi Eileen,

This looks like a bug. Could you hit "Report a bug"from the top right corner menu. Sounds like you have unlocked the survey correctly. Here is a link to a How to unlock (just in case it helps):