Unit 1, Lesson 1 Pre Survey

Would it be possible to let us know when the pre-surveys will be available for CSP and CSD? We’re in our second week of school so we just skipped it but I’d be happy to have my students go back and do it if I know when it’s available.

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Hi, @tracy.waller !

Those surveys went live yesterday. Thanks for reaching out!

Best, Andrea

Mine are still locked and I don’t know how to unlock them? I tried the lock settings with no luck.

Hi, @harperal,
Just to clarify: You can see the survey questions but you are not able to unlock the survey for students?
This is the support document for unlocking assessments, Using lock settings for assessments and surveys – Code.org. Let you know where in the process you run into trouble.

Best, Andrea

Thanks for your response @AndreaR ! I was able to move the survey to editable but the I still see lock symbols and the students say they cannot access the survey. I have attached screenshots.

Hi @harperal,

What happens if you click “send to students” and email it to them as a link (or link in a Google doc / slide / etc)? Are they able to see it that way?

Hi @harperal ! To clarify a few points, those lock icons indicate the levels are by default locked from students, but you as the teacher can click on them and see the survey any time. If your students are still unable to see the survey despite you having it marked as “editable”, please contact us at support@code.org via email and we can look into this further!

I was wondering the same thing.