Access to assessments


Hello! I am brand new to teaching this course and I just found out two days ago that you have to register for full teacher access in order to get assessments added to the course. I filled out the Google form and I’m wondering about how long it took for everyone to become verified using this method.
Also, how will I know that I am verified? Will I get an email? Will there be a message when I log in? I’m not sure if I have access yet.


Hi Paige! Looks like the form says to expect 5-7 business days. From what I remember, I did get some sort of confirmation once I was verified.


Where are the forms for full teacher access?


I was clicking around and found this page:
Honestly, I just found it again but couldn’t remember how. Anyway, under unit 1, it says “how to administer a locked assessment” which leads you to a google doc with a bunch of links that are useful. One of them is information on how to request access. It took about three or four days for my access to be granted. Request now!! :slight_smile:


The first link has a doc that has a link on the second page with the google form to request access. I did a lot of snooping around to find all of this.
BTW it won’t let me post the link to the google form.


The link was emailed to me… I can’t seem to find how to get to it from the main site…
link to form


Thanks so much. Your advice in the first response worked. They already responded and I have the assessments. So grateful to you, Paige.

Dr. J