Requesting full teacher access on Code Studio


We now have a process in place for providing access to answer keys to teachers who are not working with through a district partnership! If you are teaching with our curriculum and would like access to the protected answer keys in Code Studio, please fill out the form below:


How long does it typically take to be approved? Thanks in advance.


Hi Brian,

It should only take a couple business days to be approved at most.




Thanks for the information Dani!


I have been using code studio for about 2 months now and I got this message today.

Should I confirm again?


Its probably a good idea to confirm your email again if its saying that. It should not mess up anything you have done up until now.



How do we request district partnership?


Hi @paige.parker,

What kind of district partnership are you wondering about? We don’t partner directly with districts anymore. Instead, we have regional partners that serve an area. They help bring training to local areas around the country. Are you looking to find out who that would be in your area?



Yes. It said if you didn’t have a district partnership, then you would have to be verified. I pictured the partnership as an auto enrollment of students through Clever, or something similar and wondered if that was even an option as it is with Khan Academy.


Hi @paige.parker - Head to this link for information about becoming a verified teacher. Hopefully this will give you what you need to get the special materials for being verified.

In terms of enrolling your students through Clever this is the support article about that