Can't open the resource on the Google Docs

Does anyone could send me a package of the teacher resource that about computer Discovery . Thanks very much.
My email address is

@wangbo, Which resources are you looking for? Let us know and we may be able to help you find them. You can find the lesson plans at


I can open the lesson plan but i couldn’t opne the PPT and other resources just for teachers.

Are you signed into a google Account? Things like the slide decks should be available as long as you are signed into a Google Account.

Other things, like answer keys, are only available to verified teacher accounts. Here’s a link on how to get a verified teachers account.

Hope this helps.


I’m ensure that i have signed in the google account and I also got a verified teachers account before, and i can open these resources 1 month ago, but not rencently.

You may want to reach out to and see if they can help you.



Ok, thank you all the same.