No access to teacher materials?

Is anyone else having issues accessing teacher materials for CSP? The links to lesson plans do not work for me. Is it just me or are others having the same trouble? I’ve restarted my laptop, and am using Windows & Chrome.

It is not working for a lot of us. has been informed. You can access some of the material like the slides via the Teacher Resources.

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Thank you for the update! And I found the slides, so thank you for that idea too.

@will_wright The links to the Teacher Materials are working again.

I can’t access the Solutions to all the activity sheets - is there a place where all the answer key for all the units in AP CSP are posted for teachers ( I have a verified teacher account, but I can never find the answer keys.

If a lesson has solutions, they will be able in the lesson plans in the “For the teachers section”. For example, in Unit 9 Lesson 3 there is an exemplar. I don’t think lesson 4 has any exemplar.