Unable to access/lock/unlock any assessments


When I look at my Unit 1 Overview page (and I’m viewing it as a teacher, not a student), none of the assessments are showing up, including the 1st day survey. It’s not that I can’t unlock them, it’s that they are not even there for me to unlock.


Hello! This likely means that you’re a teacher account, but not a “verified” teacher account. This prevents students from creating teacher accounts and having access to assessment material and answer keys.

If you fill out this form, we will mark you as an verified teacher, and those stages will appear!


Hope that helps!
Sarah Filman


Thanks a lot! I’ll fill it out now.


I filled out the form to be verified, but I have not received any notification and the locked assignments are still not present. Any help is appriciated.


@robert.svitilla Are you still unable to access the locked assignments?


Are you able to see the locked assessments now?


@robert.svitilla It takes a couple days to get processed. When did you submit the form?


I have not gained access yet. I submitted the form last week.


Hey Robert, it shouldn’t take a week for us to give an account access, so something likely got missed somewhere. if you don’t mind emailing us at support@code.org with the email address and first/last name that you used to fill out the form, we can double check that it got inputted correctly and get you access.

Sarah Filman


Thank you for the help.


I’m in. Thank you again.