Game Design-Choose your own character

I have a student who is creating a game using the game lab. They want to create a choose your own character game. She is stuck on how to start this out.

Any suggestions to help her?

Well, without knowing more about exactly what she is wanting to do, I would want a few more details. I might build the game with a single character to start with and then come back to the character choice option later.

One quick idea would be to create a sprite for the character and then it’s easy to change animations for the sprite… the functionality would not change at all, but depending on how they set it up, you could just change the costume or animation the sprite is using.

I would suggest having them just give it a shot with these very basic suggestions and then don’t hesitate to check back in if she needs debug assistance.


The student wants to set up a choose your own adventure type game. To start the game you would choose which role you wanted to play. Based on the character choice specific paths would be created that would happen.

That sounds like a good project!

My recommendation would be to have them start with one scenario and a single path and then add another path and perhaps another character. It will take a little work to get that up and going, but you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Conditional statements are going to be key here. If something happens, something else should happen

Also, if you plan on teaching App Lab, there are several sample projects similar to that in App Lab and that MAY be a better tool choice for making this kind of project. It can be done in Game Lab, but you will have to think about what kinds of actions will be looked for in order for a specific outcome to take place. Since App Lab is event based, it’s a little more of a natural fit.

If they get started and run into a bug or something they can’t figure out, reach back out with a link. I think the first step would be to just jump in and try to code a storyline and see where that leads them.

Good luck!