GameLab - Saving images from Display Area



Is there a way to save the images that show up in the Display Area of GameLab? I want to save a sequence of images on my computer and play it as an animated gif. Thanks!


Hmmm… I like this idea! I think I might use a screen clipper to capture the individual images.



This might not be what you’re looking for - but have you used a gif maker like LiceCap or GIF Brewery 3 (only on Mac)? I’ve made gifs for my classes so they can see what the code should do without being able to click on the “see code” button when shared.



Thanks for sharing Brad! I have a Windows computer, and didn’t know about LiceCap, but I tested it out just now and it does what I want…create an animation in
GameLab and save the draw screen (for a few seconds) as an animated Gif. Perfect!