General Robotics Reflection


Robots are everywhere, but it depends on how you define a “robot”. We can’t escape technology and advances, so we must use them in the best way. Ultimately, society as a whole will decide how far we are willing to let technology work for us.


I think that these machines are capable of substituting human workforce. I think that it makes sense in one way. It’s worthwhile to have robots free us from things that we don’t want to do.


Robots are designed to help humans with tasks simple or complex. The tasks hinder humans by doing these tasks. Humans rely on robots more and more.


There is very little doubt in my mind that robots have an immense potential to help the work force. In fact, they are already doing so–computers. The speaker alluded to the advent of the computer spreadsheet in lieu of the paper spreadsheet. The computer spreadsheet increased the productivity of a single worker by leaps and bounds. Overall, robots give humans an opportunity to increase productivity and decrease on-task work time thus potentially creating the opportunity for more leisure time. Perhaps the question might be posed as: is increased leisure time good or bad for society in the long run? Or, when do (or should) productivity levels stabilize and free time maximize?


The robotic subject has a very interesting potential to help students develop creativity. They are able to learn how to develop creativity, maximize their time and to solve problems.


Robots are becoming more and more used in technology and in our world. I do think that they are good for completing repetitive and and even dangerous tasks–for example, the recent killing of four police officers when they sent in a robot to eliminate the killer.


Robotics has and will continue to change the way we think and work. We will see them to continue to make jobs safer through the use robots like drones. Apple has started to use robots tear old iphones apart to separate the types of metals to help with recycling.


I like the idea of robots assisting in tasks that become more difficult as we age, my parents are of an age where my father needs constant care, my mother can’t lift him herself anymore so we had to put him into a long-term care facility so that both of them would have a better quality of life. I would love to have a robot get my groceries in, do heavy cleaning, all the things I hate doing!


Robotics as a whole are amazing as they are rapidly changing in their purpose, functionality and effects on humanity for good or bad.


Robots have and will always have a place in our society. Robots can do the mundane tasks and we can do the more rewarding tasks! Sounds great to me. My daughter-in-law has a roomba vacuum cleaner that she loves and so do her young boys! They love watching it run all over the house.


I am excited thinking about the possibilities of Robots in our lives. While it is possible that in some instances, robots could displace workers, I feel that it is more advantageous to train our workers to act as the programmers and/or trainers. These workers know how to do the job and can be of great value to the automation movement.


Robots and Robotics–they are changing our world, education, and daily lives. Change means to make or the instance of making or becoming different. The world has come together through the internet, technology, and youth–there is no more silence–even from those who were silent before. Robots, Technology, the Internet–it gives voice to all–the voices are different–embrace the changes and the differences and improve upon the.


My thoughts on robots and the workforce issue is that there has been be a check and balance system. While robots can free us up from mundane chores and tasks, we need to be sure we are not creating a culture of sluggishness and inactivity. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with manual labor. It keeps our heart healthy and our bodies in motion. Otherwise, some of us would never move or get the exercise needed to keep healthy, if our secular jobs did not require movement. So manual labor and mundane tasks have their benefits. Just like working in one’s own garden or doing yard work, it’s therapeutic and great exercise. On the other hand, robots and technology have had may positive effects on our society as well. So it is worthwhile to have robots. Robots have increased production, reduced fatalities in certain fields of work, and served as an alternative protective entity for our country. We owe it to ourselves to use technology to create a better world in which to live while not undervaluing blue collar worker or the “ordinary workforce.”


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I think that robots are a great addition to our society when they are implemented correctly. Any type of machine or robot that can help us do those tedious tasks that none of us enjoy will help free up our time for other activities. If we can learn how to work alongside robots and not against them, I think that the possibilities are endless for our future.


I definitely believe that robots can be a huge help to society in many ways, but like all technology, there are drawbacks or risks involved. Robots can absolutely be used to streamline many processes, help save time, money (after initial investment), and improve safety in many fields (exploration of far away or dangerous places, medical procedures, etc). At the same time, if robots are used in ways that eliminate jobs that people rely on or are not programmed to exact specifications for each task, mistakes can occur. Or, if they shut down /glitch during a task, this can put lives at risk or waste large amounts of money. There are pros and cons, and robots should be explored and utilized, but a delicate balancing act is needed in my opinion


On the one hand, I think robots will help the work force by doing boring or dangerous jobs. Humans are easily distracted, so a robot is much better at doing precision based, repetitive jobs. On the the other hand. If people don’t use their bodies, they fall apart faster, their health declines, etc. (Think of the movie Wall-E). I’m wondering as robots are relied upon more heavily to do menial/physical jobs, how that will effect our health.



You make some valid points Shelly. It would be great to do some discussions, read some articles or do some group type activities to help students get to those same points about pros and cons and what might be some of each of those and how would it affect not only individuals lives, but entire communities or countries.


Robots help or hinder–maybe a little of both. Although Robots will free up workers(humans) from small challenges, there may be a since of dependency. Robots are becoming more everyday, they are being designed with emotions and feelings, and this could cause a bit of a reality issue for humans. I think about old movies like “I -Robot”, and the movie “Flubber” starring Robin Williams, and who did not cry, when you though “ET” had died. The Stepford Wives, is still one that gives me the creeps. Robot features are in our cars, homes, they are in our lives perhaps a little more than some humans–great help, but perhaps hinder if out of control. Our Human future is changing everyday, and robot possibilities will also. The challenge - Our human emotions and feelings are far greater than any emotional robot that can be created, and reality check could be the hinder.