General Robotics Reflection


I think that the young people that we are teaching will have very different opinions on this topic. One, at the beginning of the talk it was talking about librarians and how they were worried about being replaced. Our students do not remember a time without the internet and really without robots. I do think that we need to give a new definition about what robots are, but this is something that students will really be interested in digging into.


Robots are great for doing the mundane tasks and need to be used that way. I don’t think they will take a way humans jobs, just change the jobs that humans do. This will be a fun unit to have the students work.


If programmed correctly, robots can work without making mistakes. Using robots will decrease many jobs for unskilled laborers. However, it could create new jobs. I think it’s worthwhile to have robots free up time for humans to do other jobs.


I had never thought about how robots and people can interact with each other instead of just, “robots are taking over all the jobs” kind of attitude. I think having robots do the mundane types of jobs is fantastic so people are free to do more in-depth work or spend more time with patients, customers, etc.



Hello Alison,

It might be a fun project to have students look up articles that show positive and negative effects of how robots can help or hinder the job market. I think students can get really passionate about job issues since many of the students we work with are in high school.


My views about robots are split. For those jobs that would be hazardous for humans and would enhance the production of certain products I think that robots are great. However, I don’t want robots taking over jobs that a human might need in order to support their family or themselves.


Robots will take some mundane jobs but will create higher paying jobs in programming/maintaining.


Robots are objects that are programmed to make are life easier. If it is to do a task over and over, then a robot can do the job.


I think robots are awesome! I am not one of those people who think robots will take over the world one day. Instead, I want to learn all that I can about them so that I can learn to exist instead of resist. I am mad at myself because I just found out that Finch has a loaner program and it would have been awesome to have some Finch Robots for the students to program. I did sign up for the program next year but hopefully I will have few of my own by then.


I think eventually Robots will take over a lot of jobs. We already see that cashiers in grocery stores are becoming less needed, due to scan yourself and aisle and wawa is taking an ordering job away from people by having you use a touch screen to order your fun. In the future we want need cashiers, order takers, and maybe even food makers. They may invent Robots to make the food :smile:


I think that robots will continue to be useful in the work force to perform mundane activities, as well as dangerous jobs.


I think robots could help the work force. I do not think we should rely on them for everything but for certain things, yes it could be very helpful!