Getting Started in CS in Algebra


I am interested in creating an quarter long extension class using either the bootstrap program or CS in Algebra. CS in Algebra looks like it would be easier to implement as far as implementation first time through but I want to ensure it will be able to last the entire quarter (9 weeks). Our classes are about 45-50 minutes but of course schoolwide activities take away some of those days. It says it is a 20 hour course; however, I am sure it would take more than 20 days to complete. Could you start with CS in Algebra and then “go deeper” with Bootstrap or are they so similar there would be too much overlap???


Definitely. If you’re looking to start with CS in Algebra and then move into Bootstrap I’d reccomend looking at CS in Algebra Course A - it’s a shorter introduction to the basic concepts (the Design Recipe and functional programming) that would be a great jumping off point for Bootstrap.