Plans for the Future

How do you plan to continue growing as a teacher of CS in the future? What curricula will you use, and in which classes will you teach it?

I plan to work on this more next year - this was my first year in a new position - science connections. I used the science portion more this year, but with the background from this year, next year my students will have more time to try other coding exercises, and I plan to work on the math then.

I think the idea of splitting the course into two sections is a good suggestion. I am also going to teach this to my 7th grade class along with my eight graders. I think we need to start earlier and then continue on with the 8th graders.

Our school is planning on having our 7th graders do part A and 8th graders do part B. Our district is also having our Algebra students work on Bootstrap so we can’t step on their toes and do it in middle school.

I plan to look through the new split curriculum to see if it will better work with my curriculum than the full CS in Algebra course. No matter what I’ll definite continue to use some form of the course with my classes next year. The kids have really enjoyed it and I was able to get a few kids who never would have been interested in school this year to appreciate what my class could offer them. I also have a few ideas I want to play around with for some small project add-ons that can be worked in during times I can’t work a full lesson into plans.

Sound like an excellent plan.
Thank you

I think that next year I will follow the A/B plan. Also I will be doing A LOT more design recipe from the beginning.


I will implement the CS in Algebra the same way I did with my co-teacher this school year. We conducted it for a whole month so the students saw the connections from one stage to another, and they were focused on the goal as well as the activities. They knew what they had to do the next day.

It was difficult for me as a teacher to remember the nuances that we learned in the on-site PD, so many of the suggestions get left to the side. So my plan for next year is to plan better, make the lessons more integral to the course and to use more (if not all) of the suggested presentation styles. I think that the students will get more out of it that way too.

Next year I am teaching the computer science class along with Algebra for a dual credit class. I plan on using section A during lessons throughout the school year on content that are easily transferable. On specific Friday’s we have time built into our schedule where I will have students work on the Section B portion of CS.

I have to say the overall experience was great, but I was definitely in over my head. One of the things I try to use is the Design Recipe helping students to set up and solve story problems. I however was not comfortable with my skills to fully implement the who CS in Algebra yet.

I’m hoping to continue teaching the full CS in Algebra course to my 7th grade classes. It might make more sense to use course A and B though. Is there a way for me, as a teacher, to try the stages?

I’ve been asked to teach CS in Algebra as a CTE Elective class instead of integrating straight into my Algebra class. I intend to teach the 20 hours of CS in Algebra, then do a bunch of extensions, then transition to WeScheme/Bootstrap.

I will be implementing the 20 lesson program in my Math 8 classes next year. Our math department will be implementing a Tech Tuesday into our curriculum. I hope to be able to convince the district to allow my Math 8 classes to do as the 1st part of integrating technology into the classroom.

I plan to use CS in Algebra for my 6th grade Composite Studies class. Part A will be great in reinforcing/introducing functions for our math classes. The more advanced students can move through the course on their own and move onto Part B. This is a quarter class so it will work well with the program being split.

I am a high school business teacher, and my Computer Programming class has just started the CS in Algebra course this week. The students are enjoying the activities. I will try it again next year, but am not sure which option we’ll use.

I am in the process of changing jobs. I am not sure I will be teaching next year. If I am teaching next year I would try to split the course in two parts over two years.

I cannot plan for teaching CS in the future, as I’m no longer teaching any CS courses, nor have I been told that I will be for the upcoming year.

I like the CS in Algebra and will continue to use Part 1 and 2 with my 8th graders. I am also part of the pilot for the CS Discoveries curriculum and looking forward to that. My seventh graders will do the CODE courses 2 and 3. Their exposure has been limited so I start them off with Course 2.

I will try to continue teaching CS in Algebra next year. I am still learning as this was my first year.