Google Form-based quizzes and coding challenges for CSD Unit 3, Chapter 1 (Animations & Games)

I created a whole bunch of mini quizzes I assigned as Do Nows and Exit Tickets, as well as some coding challenges as homework. You can find them all [here].(


Awesome! Any chance you have them for other units as well?

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Nope, sorry – just that one!

Wow, how thoughtful! Thanks so much for sharing - greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thanks!!! These are great, are these for this year’s curriculum?

Hi. I did them for last year… I’m no longer teaching this class so I’m not current on what has done with the curriculum. Glad they’re helpful.

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These are great! I haven’t clicked through each and every one, but even with the course updates from last year a lot of these will still be applicable to this year. I’d recommend re-reading the relevant lesson plan & then looking through the quiz to make sure, but they’re a great starting point at the very least!

–Michael K.

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Thanks so much for sharing. This is god sent if I am say so during Distance Learning and so appreciated.

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THanks so much for saying so, Usha. It makes me really happy to know that you found them useful-- makes it worthwhile to have posted them online :slight_smile: Good luck with your class.


This is amazing, thank you for sharing!

Love this. Thanks!!!

Thank you. These are great.