Guided Notes - Teacher Answer Key

Hi everyone,

Wondering if there is a place to find Answer Keys to the guided notes?

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Hi @slarocca! We currently do not have answer keys for the unit guides. The primary goal of the unit guides is to provide students with a structured note-taking space, however, we can see how it would be helpful to have sample responses for these to support students in the note-taking process. This is something we are working on and will provide soon! We will communicate when these become available.

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Our teachers in the workshops would also like answers for the Activity Guides (e.g. examples of pseudocode for U1L13, page 24)

@hope.yamada I am seeing the answer key including example pseudocode. You can find the answer key linked in the lesson. Let me know if you are looking for something else.

Are there guided notes for CSP?

No, there are not guided notes for CSP.

That’s too bad. I am finding that a lot of the CSP students are “not as far along” their educational paths and helping them out with a learning aid like guided notes would be beneficial.

Hi Ron,
I agree that some students could use support with note taking in CSP- there are some forum posts that discuss ways to use interactive notebooks over in the CSP part of the forum. This post from 2017 has some good ideas. Keep in mind that the curriculum has changed over the years, so these exact notes won’t necessarily match the current curriculum.

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Thank you. I’ll take a look. Easier to update something than start from scratch.

Teammates, I had the first five units of the guided notes bound in a spiral notebook. My school’s copy room assistant did this and it has worked out really well. My students are good about writing notes and following along with the videos. I will cherry pick some examples and post them here at the end of semester.



How can I get a copy of that?

Here is a link to my Google Drive where I put all of the individual unit guides and extra practices.

I did combine the unit guides and the extra practice for Units 6 to 8 in the same document tho.

I compiled these from the teacher resource dropdown at the top of each of the units if you want to see where it came from tho.


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