Hackathon app help needed

I have a student who is trying to build an app to do the following:

  1. Have the user select a conference and division on the home screen and when they click Done, be taken to the “Choose a Team” screen.
  2. From the “Choose a Team” screen, select a team and when they click Done, be taken to the “Logo” screen where they see a picture of the logo for the team they picked.

Here is a link to the code:

Is there a way to do this?

When they get to the second screen, they couldn’t figure out how to get a dropdown to show the choices for the conference and division selected because you have to enter the options for a dropdown.

I’m not sure of an efficient way to do this and am not sure how to help the student.

Add a dropdown menu to that screen in design mode. Then set the property of that dropdown menu like this


In the above example, the name of the dropdown element is dropdown1. We are setting the options to the items in the afcnorth list.

I hope this helps.

Thank you. In Design Mode, what should be entered for the options? If you clear it out, it just lists the options with commas between them - not separate selectable items.

In design mode, you will leave the options blank or have a filler in there. In your code, you can update the options in the dropdown based on the choices made. Here is a simple example that I made for my students: App Lab - Code.org

Look at line 13 of the code. It’s not perfect but it saves me the hassle of hard-coding those options, especially since the Spotify data changes everyday.

Hi @smiths,

What a cool idea for an app! Before we help any further, can you please confirm that this app is not for the student’s Create PT submission?

Thank you!
–Michael K.

Hi Michael,

This is for the Hackathon project.

Awesome, thanks! I saw that some other users gave some feedback. Did you still have questions, or was your student able to achieve it based on this?

–Michael K.