Harvard CS50 course & other online resources



I am pretty much a brand new teacher to computer science. I am in my second year of teaching an introduction class this year I am using a lot of the CS principles curriculum which is awesome. I have some very high level students this year so I am glad I am going this route rather then an easier path.

I am just wondering if anyone has any experience or has completed the CS50 course offered at Harvard through EdX which you can find here https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computer-science-harvardx-cs50x

I use several of David Malan’s videos from this course in my classes and I want to get better at computer science myself for the future. Just wondering what people think of this course or if you have any other online resources that are good for learning more about computer science. Any input is appreciated.


Hi Ben,

I took the course myself in the summer of 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was challenging but there are so many resources and a good amount of scaffolding so I was able to complete the majority of the assignments.

I’ve pulled heavily from this curriculum for the current 2016-2017 school year for my second year computer science students and they have mostly enjoyed it.

It still needs a good amount more scaffolding for my particular students but it has been an EXCELLENT resource for me as a teacher and for my students too.