Resources for students interested in pursuing CS?

This isn’t related specifically to the course, but here’s a community of computer science teachers so I figure it’s worth asking. :slight_smile:

I have a couple students this year who told me they’re interested in continuing to pursue computer science after high school (strange this is the first time in my 4 years teaching CS that a student has asked me for advice about this but okay).

My question is: What are resources I can point them toward? Is there anything (else) in particular I should share with them?

I feel silly asking this since this is one of the purposes of having students take these courses and when a student actually expresses interest in the field, I don’t know what to do haha. My background isn’t in computer science and I don’t know much about colleges so I can’t give students any recommendations (“um… have you tried Googling colleges with strong cs programs? :confused:”) and I don’t know what they should be doing right now to build their capacity and increase their chances at getting other CS opportunities (“well you’re taking my class, so that’s a start… um… there’s some websites where you can learn coding on your own…:grimacing:”)

I’m sure there are a bajillion resources I can give them, so what would you say are the most important things to share (or maybe even things to ask)?

Thank you all for your collective wisdom.:grinning:


The College Board website has great tools that students can use to do career exploration and college planning. I have also found these two websites very helpful when working with students.

Hope that helps,