Headphones to withstand Elementary School students

I would love to find out what headphones you use in your labs. I have over 250 students weekly and the headphones never make it through the year with PreK-4th graders. HELP!!

I know this goes back a while, but I was wondering if you found some that worked for you? My principal just told me to go ahead and order some new headphones and I could get ones that were a little better quality to hold up with the littles.

I use Egghead brand that I bought from Amazon in my middle school classroom - 500 students/week on 30 computers. There are a lot of different ones. Mine are probably a bit large for little folks but the brand has been working well for me for the past 4 years. Good luck!

Here’s an update: This year my Egghead headphones disintegrated. The outer layer of the cushioned ear covers cracked and flaked off. Not good. Kids were getting pieces of black plastic on their ears. I’m not sure what happened but it just seemed to happen all at once.

That’s horrible! I ended up ordering Labsonic LS9000. All the students (k-12) seem satisfied.


Thank you for the link! How long have you been using them?

Just since mid-August.