Disable sound after levels/puzzles

We are working on Unit 3 - Gaming and Animation

Is there a way to disable the sound when a level is completed. I’ve asked my students to turn down the volume but I am working with 8th graders who think is is funny to have this sound go off every few seconds. Any suggestions?



Sounds like my 8th graders. I don’t know that I have ever seen a way to disable the sounds, but in my lab, I have LanSchool to manage the student machines and I typically give 1 or 2 warnings and then mute the offending computer for 5 minutes give or take. If I can’t tell who is doing it, I mute the entire class for a minute. I do it in a light hearted way, but it usually works. That would be a nice feature, though, to be able to turn those off!

Best of luck with your 8th grade. I wouldn’t teach anything but middle school, but there are those days …


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