Circuits too loud

Anyone know how to lower the sounds on the circuits? When I have 20 going at the same time in the class it is very loud.


I’m not aware of a way to do that. I have the opposite problem. We like to do a display of a final project I have them make and for that, they aren’t loud enough … lol.


Mike, what do you do for your final project?!

hmm well I’m not to well versed in hard ware buut if you were to lower the amount of volts and amps being supplied to the circuit that could technically work? but doing that means you’d probably need a voltage regulator and documentation of minimum specs on what the hardware needs to function properly I’ve never really been interested in this stuff too much since I’ve been enjoying low level stuff too anywho i hope you find a suitable answer, just though I’d share my thoughts on the matter

It’s still a work in progress, but they create buildings made out of card stock and then set up lights and music and then we do a gallery walk with the different buildings all lit up and playing their music.