Circuit Playground Buzzer

Is there any way to disable the buzzer on the circuit playground? This is my first time using them and the sound is driving me insane. I have a large class so monitoring the use of the buzzer is a difficulty.

@krea, I join you in your preference of a less noisy classroom, especially when my students are making the noises to be annoying … lol.

I haven’t ever personally tried disabling the buzzers. This link states it’s possible, but doesn’t show how.

There are some activities in unit 6 that program the buzzer, so not sure if I would totally disable them. Wondering if anyone has any strategies they could share with us on managing that kind of classroom behavior… Most of the time, my kids will discover the buzzer, be annoying with it for a short time and then move on to something else, but I know some students just have to be the center of attention.

Anyone have any strategies that have worked for you?