Help....can anyone help us figure out why a \n is not working

We cannot get our /n to work on line 79. I would be greatful for any help you could provide.

Thank you

The return line needs to be in quotes and use the \ (above the enter key) + n. Do not use the / that is the same as the ? key.



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I checked and it looks like we have the correct . If you see my Food variable in line 79 maybe you can see what we are doing wrong.


Here is the link to remix our project

The link you provided isn’t linking to the project.

Now the \n is on line 84 (Ithink)

You have the wrong component to display text. You need a text area box.


Working version:

Thank you very much.! I would have never guessed it would have something to do with the element in design mode. Just today I had them remove the text area and make it a label with a background.

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