Newline characters not working


Hi, is anyone else experiencing the newline characters “\n” not working? I have several kids where this is happening, and I can’t find any problems with their code.



Nevermind. I figured out the problem. The kids MUST create a text area box first.
The newline character doesn’t format onto the background.


We are having problems with the new line characters. We either receive an error in the cosole.log or the message prints /n

Any help you can provide is appreciated?


I wonder if the issue is forward slash v. backslash?

In your message above you are using a forward slash /. The character for newline requires a backslash \

Test it out: this statement should display foo on 3 separate lines the console.



Hi DZulkiewski,

I’m sure Baker’s answer fixed your problem. But just also letting you know that if the kids don’t actually drag a ‘text area’ element onto the background to set the text to, the newline characters won’t work. In other words, we found that newline characters don’t work when setting text directly to the app screen.