U5L6 Text Wrapping in Mad Libs


I have two students that when making the Mad Libs app, the text won’t wrap in the text box. All the other students are. Any suggestions?


I am not there yet this year but last year I had also had students where the \n didn’t seem to work. I couldn’t see anything wrong and due to time constraints I told them to just move on. Can you post a link to their code? Maybe someone here will see something that you and I are missing!


This is what we did that cleared it out. We deleted the Message Box, re-inserted it (in Design Mode using a new id) and then suddenly it worked. There is no rhyme or reason for that working, but for both students, it worked. Thanks for your offer to help! Maybe this will help someone else.


My suspicion here is that a “text input” element was used instead of a “label” element.