Unit 3 Lesson 13 Mini Project

Can someone tell me why the text is not moving to the right? My students have used the same code & have used a sprite for the background. We’ve also tried putting in a draw background. All of these don’t work.


In this example, you’ve created a variable (XText), but your text isn’t a sprite and xText isn’t connected to your text in any way, so it is increasing, but that doesn’t affect the text.

Here’s a previous post in the forum where I gave an example of scrolling text that may help!

Good luck!


Thank you! I don’t see your link for your previous post and Like I said, this code worked for other students . . very confusing

Sorry … If you have a link to one of the other students, I would be happy to look at it. Perhaps they made their text into a sprite (which is another option).

Here’s the link I forgot to put on the previous post.