Unit 3 Lesson 13 Bubble 2 - Example Question

In the sample animated scene for Unit 3 Lesson 13 the text is animated - it is moving left and right. I am wondering how this is done. I have students asking how to do that and I am not sure. I’ve never done it before in prior lessons. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Hi @starnd,
Someone else may be able to answer this with more precision, but I believe they turned the text into a sprite for that to work.

That makes sense to me. I was looking for anything to share with them and I only found the startText block that scrolls across the screen. Thanks for sharing that. That is easy for them to do once it is a “sprite”

@starnd There is another way to scroll text. Here’s a link to a previous post where I shared an example of scrolling text by using variables and the draw loop.