Unit 3 Lesson 13 Mini-project

I have a student who is trying to make the text appear on the screen and scroll from left to right. She has all the code there and variables created, however we are not able to see the text on the screen. I believe it is because the text is behind the water sprite that she created for her background. Does anyone know how to get the text to appear on top of the water sprite so we can see it scroll across the screen? This is the link to her project Code.org - Game Lab
Thanks for any and all help!

Hi @ginal.moore,

I commented out the sprites & background (basically including the whole thing between “/" and "/” in text mode so the code treated it like a giant comment) and was able to get the text to show up after setting it to a different fill color.

I suspect you are right about the layering of the background sprite and the text.

This gives me two thoughts:

  • Is there a way to make the background animation something that isn’t a sprite? or
  • Is there a way to include the text in the speech bubble animation sprite instead of where it is now?

Comment back here if you need more help, but those two questions are what I’d pose to your student. If they were already able to make that underwater scene, this should be enough to jump-start their creativity!

–Michael K.

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Michael has some good comments… another thing you can consider is the order you draw things. The order matters even inside the draw loop.

Good luck!



Move the DrawSprites block to line 29 so it is under the white background block, also make the text size larger, 25 px usually works best.
Changing the font color will also help. This is well done!!