Unit 3 Lesson 13 Example Animation Scene Bubble 2 or 3

In Lesson 13, there is an example animation on bubble 2 and 3.

The text in the lesson scrolls up the page with the Alien, we cannot see the code to see how this is working.
How is the text scrolling with the 2nd alien while the 1st alien wiggles and that text stays still. I would really love to be able to see this code.


Here’s a link to a previous response to this same question on the forum.

Let us know if you still have questions after looking at it.


Thank you for your response, I am still not sure how to set this up. I have tried to create a variable, but am unsure how to then connect it to the text string, so I am unable to follow these instructions.

Here’s a link to a project I made that has a similar effect.